As motorcycling is becoming more and more popular on WA roads, the need to improve rider safety skills is constantly rising.

Passing the Governments motorcycle riding assessment is just the beginning of a learning curve that normally takes a lifetime. The request from motorcyclists for a more specific Advanced Riding Course has seen the formation of BART. (Barbagallo Advanced Ride Training)

Barbagallo Raceway and a team of three professional instructors have designed a new motorcycle riders course aimed specifically at the daily rider that covers the skills necessary to survive both city and country riding, either solo or with a pillion!

Barbagallo Raceway has always been known for its racing background but still understands the importance of safety in daily riding, so when Barbagallo Raceway approached MTWA (Motorcycle Training With Andrea) the BART course was born.

This exciting project has resulted in the formation of a balanced combination of practical exercises, which include training in on-road riding technique, and also instruction and discussion in defensive riding strategies.

This course is structured for people who are already riding, but want to learn and practice more advanced skills.

Key benefits of our training are:

The BART course was created to fill the gap between "passing the test" and the track... as more riders are seeking to learn new skills in a safe environment.

The course outlines are:

  • Road-craft safety

  • Cornering techniques

  • Counter steering

  • Rider posture

  • Clothing

  • Braking straight

  • Braking on corners

  • Riding on the road track

  • Entry and exit point review



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